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We offer cost effective, efficient and reliable technology outsourcing. Our workforce includes a wide network of IT professionals allowing us to provide highest quality services at very competitive prices. We are experienced project leaders, software architects, developers and graphic artists with a wide range of expertise and a genuine passion for technology. We can help you in developing and implementing new technology solutions to improve your business, present your company online and create completely new products. We invite you to explore our service offerings, technical capabilities, and industry experience and learn more about how Shiva Softwares India can serve your company’s technology needs. We apply information technology to create solutions that will improve your business efficiency, provide global reach, and enhance all your business relationships. Our goals are operational excellence, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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What is Trio-S Retail Textile Management?

Trio-S retail textile Management System offers a diverse range of interconnected modules designed to support best practices specifically in the retail textile showroom. It presents an intelligent point of sale for faster checkout, smart inventory and purchase management, effective loyalty programs that boost sales, implement discounts and promotions to liquidate stock and offers analytics to understand and transform retail strategy according to fluctuating trends.

Our Team

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Clients Review

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Product Highlights

Easy & Quick Billing

Easy and fast sales billing with multi customer handling provision

Real Time Inventory

Real-time inventory control with advanced barcoding system

Easy Exchange

Attract customers with quick and hassle free exchange option

Suspense Management

Easily track all suspense stocks hold by your employees and corporate customers

Auto Size Margin

Automated pricing calculation for items with range of sizes

Offers & Schemes

Promote business by creating schemes, offers and discounts

Cashier Management

Easy cash receipt by scanning unique barcode printed on each bill

Customer Loyalty Program

Accrue loyalty points for each customer and redeem it during next purchase

Physical Stock Audit

Provision for physical stock verification and comparison with system stock

Offline Billing

Ensures business continuity even though the server is unavailable due to network or hardware problems

Aging Stock

Quickly track and split aged stock items from the inventory

Sales Employee Motivation

Motivate Sales employee by offering commission based on their sales