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We offer cost effective, efficient and reliable technology outsourcing. Our workforce includes a wide network of IT professionals allowing us to provide highest quality services at very competitive prices. We are experienced project leaders, software architects, developers and graphic artists with a wide range of expertise and a genuine passion for technology. We can help you in developing and implementing new technology solutions to improve your business, present your company online and create completely new products. We invite you to explore our service offerings, technical capabilities, and industry experience and learn more about how Shiva Softwares India can serve your company’s technology needs. We apply information technology to create solutions that will improve your business efficiency, provide global reach, and enhance all your business relationships. Our goals are operational excellence, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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What is Trio-S Van POS?

Trio-S van POS is an android based smart phone or tablet that works like a portable electronic point of sale supported by a Bluetooth invoice printer. It is managed by a centralized web portal where the users can manage all the van sales transactions. It enables organizations to conduct sales and financial transactions in a more versatile manner without having to be tethered to a single location.

Who can use Trio-S Van POS?

Food & Beverages Industry

Manufactures and distributors of masala, spices, groceries, edible oils, vegetables & fruits, egg farms, coffee, tea, snacks & candy

FMCG Industry

Manufactures and distributors of detergent soaps and powders, bath soaps, stationary, aerated drinks, mineral Water, etc.,

Dairy Industry

Milk and Milk products manufacturers and distributors

Key Features of Van POS

Van Stock

One click van stock report printing


Add new customer instantly during sales. View customer contact info.

Sales & Sales Return

Sale on the go with Bluetooth enabled invoice printers

Next Day Requirement Booking

Sales employee books the required items with quantity for next day sales after sales closure.


Generate receipts on the go with the help of Bluetooth based portable receipt printers.


Make expense entries against the trip advance. If the expense exceeds trip advance it can be adjusted against the other cash inward.

Price List

View order and van sales price of each item with indication of price hiked / dropped when compared to previous price.

My Schedules

Sales representative can create his sales schedule by choosing the route, vehicle, driver and helpers with trip advance and odometer readings.

Order Booking

Book order from the retailers and distributors along with sales

EOD Closing Summary

Closure summary of sales, sales return, receipts and expenses with cash denomination


Generate, view and print reports related to sales, cash and stock

Key Features of Management Portal


Real time monitoring of sales, number of retails billed and not billed for each van

Control Panel

Configuring company master, HSN, taxation, vouchers, cities, area, item groups, unit of measure, vehicles, users, etc.,

Items Management

Manage items at company level with brands, variance, UPP, order limitations, price edit and discount restriction control.

Customer Management

Manage customers by area and city. Enable / Disable schemes, order booking and credit bill for each customer.

Route Management

Manage routes by mapping customers of different areas to routes. Assign default serving vans to the route.

Price List

Manage and approve price changes to generate price list

Discount & Free Schemes

Create schemes based on item quantity, bill value and free items as a part of sales promotion.

Stock Management

Management of stock in /out, stock approval, delivery note generation, stock verification at EOD.

Sales Schedule

Management of list of sales schedule created by each sales employee and track the distance using odometer reading

Sales & Sales Return Management

Management of sales and sales return from each van of different routes. Monitor not purchased customers

Order Management

Management of orders from various customers, consolidate the orders and make production / procurement planning accordingly

Stock Verification

EOD physical stock verification after closure of sales. Track stock difference at sales employee ledger to generate monthly stock difference reports.

Cash Verification

EOD cash verification after closure of cash transactions. Track cash difference at sales employee ledger to generate monthly cash difference reports


Generate receipts on the go with the help of Bluetooth based portable receipt printers


Track your van sales expenses by expense group. Generate monthly expenses report of each sales employee or van


Generate centralized MIS reports at head office to analyze sales and efficiency of each sales employee / van

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